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Ok. I decided to use my pokeradar to find a shiny for the first time, and after chaining ten shellos, I found a shiny... buizel. Is that supposed to happen sometimes, because ive heard of similar things happening to other people too.


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No, that's not supposed to happen. However, it is possible considering that your chain may have broke by encountering a different Pokemon and you encountered a shiny not part of the chain you were just in.

Just take it.

Source: Experience and there's nothing about it here.

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Thanks man. I just thought that it was really weird timing.
Happy I got the shiny though.
Did I do something wrong?
Duplicate comment. I edited it so it wasnt the same
No, Scraf is just being a troll
ok thanks. i hid the first one but i'll reshow it again
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Your chain broke, and you randomly ran into a shiny Buitzel (with the usual 1/8196 chance of it happening). that is the only reasonable explanation other than your game glitching out.