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what does more damage burn or poison? and what stat do they lower down?

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Toxic Poison does more damage than Burn, while regular Poison does an equal amount to what Burn does. Poison lowers no stats, while Burn halves the Attack Stat.

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so toxic orb does more damage then flame orb?
In the long run yes, but in the first 3 turns it does less than Burn would.
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Regular poison and burn do the same damage, 12% per turn. Badly poisoned lowers your HP by 6% on the first turn and increases by 6% every turn after. Burn halves the Attack stat and Poison lowers no stat.

Source: Experience.

whats is  regular poison tho?
There's two kinds of Poisons, poisoned and badly poisoned. The regular does 12% a turn while Badly does 6% at the start and increases by 6% after that. So from Turn 1 to Turn 4: 6%, 12%, 18%, 24%. A total of 60% damage done while Regular poison would only do 48% in 4 turns.
Bad poison is only inflicted by the move Toxic.
thank you indigo for telling me that!
Indigo you forgot about poison fang
Bad poison can also be inflicted by laying down 2 sets of toxic spikes
Okay yeah, and the above methods, apparently. xD