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Ok, so I'm planning on super training a Durant. Lets say I caught a Durant, had an adamant Ditto, gave the Ditto an everstone, bred the two, and got an adamant Durant.
Ok, so let's say the adamant Durant had the characteristic, 'likes to run'.

I Super Train it to max attack and speed, and the rest in defense - then proceed to level it up to 100.
Will it have max attack and speed? What will its stats be like?

Thanks in advance.

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If you had maximum IVs and EVs on a Durant's attack and speed, you would have a stat of 317 in both Speed and Attack, since the base stat is the same for both. (109)

Now, since natures only increase one stat by 10%, and you chose an Adamant nature, you will have an Attack stat of 348 and a speed stat of 317.

Durant's Stats

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So this means my adamant durant would have a max attack stat of 348 and level 100 and its speed would be 317 at level 100? correct?
Yup youre correct :P