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Just Curious

Actually, there is another move that does absolutely nothing - **Celebrate!**

This lesser known move is only exclusive to the 2013 Birthday Event Pokemon. The move, like Splash, does absolutely nothing. At least we can celebrate. :P

Hope I helped. :)
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Celebrate_(move)
Actually Celebrate does do screen affects, while splash just show the pokemon hopping up and down.
I asked is there anything worse.
I have a pikachu with celebrate. I was wondering what it did. Thank you!!!
Well I didn't know aesthetics were involved in this. Sorry. :P
Thanks Anyway
Christ, this is why we have that meta post up. Answer is wrong and has 3 upvotes -_-

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Quite simply No.

Splash is the only move which has no affect whatsoever.
Every other move has an effect which can potentially be used to your advantage, no matter how slight. That or it just looks cool. Splash looks pathetic as well >.>

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Well Happy Hour has no effect inside of battle, and is useless in competitive.
Yeah but ingame, getting extra money is actually nice
Splash just does jack.
Splash is still worse since it does not have any affect at all
I know, just stating there is another that does nothing in battle.
You forgot Celebrate..
^^ I put Celebrate as my answer but Ninja decided to convert 'cos apparently it still has an aesthetic effect, therefore it is not worse than Splash.
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The move Struggle - available when no other move can be used, usually because no move has any PP - can be seen as worse.

It deals as small bit of damage (a typeless move of 50 power) so does help you but you receive recoil damage equalling 25% of your overall HP.

I have forced opponents to use struggle in competitive battles which has won me the game as my Pokemon was poisoned and was a staller with no attacking moves. If the opponent was forced to use struggle (which it can't - this is hypothetical) then I would have lost as they was no way that I could damage it [I could have used toxic but I was badly poisoned].

Genrally speaking Splash is the worst move as it has no effect whatsoever.

Some people an still Win with Struggle
I won a battle with Struggle once. xD
That is why I said "Genrally speaking Splash is the worst move as it has no effect whatsoever." Although, the move struggle can can make you lose a game in some situations as well as win you a game.