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I've noticed that Dunsparce can learn some decent Egg moves, two of them being more useful than others. The moves I'd like to have on a Dunsparce is Trump Card and Hex. If Hex is used after Glare, that could be handy, and I've got a bad habit of making some Pokemon Faint, and thought Trump Card could be a move weak enough to keep Wild Pokemon from Fainting, but also strong enough to fight, when used several times. So could anyone help?
Sorry if I messed up on anything, as this is my first question ever asked... Thanks alot!

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To get Hex on Dunsparce, you must breed (F) Dunsparce with (M) Vulpix.
To get Trump Card on Dunsparce you must breed (F) Dunsparce with (M) Eevee.

Now to get both egg moves on Dunsparce, simply breed (F) Dunsparce with (M) Vulpix, to get an offspring Dunsparce with Hex. Then simply breed the offspring (F) Dunpsarce (now with Hex) with a (M) Eevee, to get an offspring Dunsparce with Hex and Trump Card.


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The only way to do that is to obtain a Smeargle, and Sketch both of these Moves in order to breed both of them onto Dunsparce. Otherwise there is no other way possible. This shows the possible egg chains you can use with Dunsparce's Egg Moves, and shows what Pokes learn the moves via level up. So this'll help you see what Pokes you need to sketch the Moves from.

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Thanks so much! Now how to get a Smeargle to learn both moves.... Hmm, I wonder if I could get some help on that?
Well all you need is a Vulpix and an Eevee as the link says, and simply Sketch the moves from them :3
Well Psychic, I'll perhaps need someone to battle my Smeargle  with them pokemon, so I can do it. But first, I need to level it up. Thanks again!