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I bred a male smeargle with baton pass, wish, and shadow ball with a female eevee. When one of there eggs hatched it knew wish, shadow ball, tackle, and helping hand why doesn't it know baton pass it learns it via level up?


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Baton Pass is an Eevee level-up move. Egg pokemon only have those moves if both parents know them. So I'm guessing in your case the female Eevee doesn't know Baton Pass.

If you need to have Baton Pass at level 1 for some reason, level up the female and try breeding again, you should get it. Or just level up the baby to lv36 when it learns BP.

Also to be clear, the moves baby Pokemon learn are NOT random. There is a set order like it says on our breeding page - http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding
If the Smeargle knew 4 TMs that Eevee can learn, the baby should have all 4 of them and overwrite any level up moves, etc.

I'm pretty sure every egg you hatch from the same two pokemon will always give you the same moves.

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The moves learned by the baby pokemon are random. This means that the baby won't always know the same moves as the parents. Besides, Eevee learns the move already when it levels up. I think it's level 36 or 43. I don't really remember. But all you really have to do is train the baby Eevee and it will learn Baton Pass in the future.

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You are going to have to Chain Breed to gain the moves you want because the moves of the Baby Pokemon are random. As stated, the Precedent says the moves a baby will learn. Look here for more info: