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I was messing around in Pokemon Diamond with the poke modifier and I came across a shadow (like an invisible Pokemon were standing there) with a bling noise and animation (as if it were shiny) with a golbat off to the side of the battle screen ( it was silent), I could barley see it. It also had the cry of a bulbasaur. I was pretty freaked out when I encountered it but now I want to try and caught it. Will something bad happen to my game if I try and catch it?

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This Pokemon is actually referred to as -----.
>----- is a Normal-type glitch Pokémon in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It is often referred to as DPBox due to its appearance and the games it was discovered in. It is also often referred to as invisible Shiny Bulbasaur when appearing on the opponent's side due to having the cry of Bulbasaur, always being Shiny, and seemingly having no sprite.

It's a very interesting glitch as the game treats it as if it's not existent. (Games can be jerks to glitches sometimes...)

So is this glitch safe? It is mostly safe; it will not corrupt game data and you can use the glitch in battle, although it is flat out useless. However, one extremely creepy side effect (or at least it sounds creepy as Bulbapedia uses vocabulary such as "loom.") could corrupt or delete one of your Pokemon:

>If ----- is the last Pokémon in the party, and the player tries to add a Pokémon to said party, the Pokémon from the Box will have a party sprite with a different color palette. Then when the Box is exited, the Pokémon will loom over the Box and disappear from the party.

So watch out for that...

Hope I helped!

Here's my Source if you want to learn more about -----.

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Thanks for the info. That's definitely creepy.
wow i never know that
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No, that's definitely not Missingno. Missingno only exists in the Gen 1 games; it does not exist in Diamond as it is Gen 4. This is just a generic glitch Pokemon obviously caused by whatever modifying tool you are using.

As for whether of not it'll damage the game if you catch it, it really depends on the glitch and what specifically caused it to appear. My advice is to run away from it and not catch it or fight it. Hopefully you'll be able to get away without the glitch damaging your game or save file.

You can expect glitches from anything that isn't licensed by Nintendo, so try to stay away from cheating or modding devices to prevent things like this from happening.

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Oh ok. Thanks. I really don't want to risk my save file.
No problem!
But there is still a way to see this glitch without cheating devices. It's something to do with that building with loads of double battles near one of the lakes.
Yeah. I just read about  that. It's actually an in game glitch that doesn't need hacks to achieve. I just happened to have an ar code on at the time when it happened. I find it interesting.
I'm still confident it was caused by the cheat code though. Bulbapedia says nothing about it only being encountered through normal play.