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Please help Identify this card?

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After my grandma past away we found this card in her work desk. I cant find any info anywhere on it. Please help.

Here is the back of the card. Thanks again.

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The link was broken, so I fixed it so it links directly to the image.
Also, it'd be useful to see the other side of the card.
What does the back of the card look like? Is it the normal Pokemon-card backing?

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Well its a Topps card, I know that at least. When I searched bulbapedia for it though I found only one set which has Ho-Oh, Johto League Champions. But when I searched it on Google Images (bulbapedia didnt have a picture), I only found this. And while it looks very similar to your card, it has a very different background. If you provide an image of the back of your card I might be able to help you more.

Hope I helped!

Source(s): bulbapedia, google

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oh, i'll look into it more, i might be able to find something. the back of the card doesn't say anything about topps though.
I got one of those I think :I
Thanks for your help Amiable Angemon. I hope you can find where I can't.
I actually have cards with that backing image, but I still haven't found info on the card itself anywhere.