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I remember reading somewhere that you always round down, but I just want to make sure. For example, a Barbaracle holding a Life Orb with the ability Tough Claws uses Razor Shell. The move damage calculation would be this:
75 (base power) x 1.5 (same-type attack bonus) x 1.3 (Life Orb) x 1.33 (Tough Claws) = 194.5125
Would you round 194.5125 down to 194 or round up to 195? Thanks.

His question was asked before> http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/199136/do-pokemon-stats-round-up-or-down?show=199136#q199136

EDIT- NVM, that's just base stat. This is base power....woops
Actually, this question itself is flawed.
The actual base power of the move is not calculated with factors such as tough claws and Life Orb. If you take a look at the damage formula, those parts are kept separate. If you joined it all up and put it in the 'base power' section the calculation would come out different from the correct one, due to mathematical rules.
Well, I'm sorry for not fulfilling your needs for a good question.

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Sorry Quagmire, but nearly everthing in Pokemon rounds down, regardless if how it would round off in reality.

A few more sources explain in this Pokebase answer.

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Sources: Experience and Above link.

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