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I need all steps since the catch of Gliscor w/ Poison Heal to the Gliscor, read down:
(This include nature/ability/moves breeding).
Also I need to know here to find those TMs.

Game: Black2

Ability: Poison Heal
Nature: Jolly (+Speed - SpA)

Night Slash
Cross Poison
Earthquake (TM)
Swords Dance (TM)

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In Generation V, female Pokémon with Hidden Abilities have a 60% chance of passing on the Hidden Ability to their offspring when bred with a male Pokémon from the same Egg Group.

So in order to get Posion heal on the Gliscor you would need a female Pokemon of the same egg group as Gliscor(Bug) and breed it with him.

>From Black 2 and White 2 onward, if one parent holds an Everstone, its Nature will always be passed down. If both parents are holding an Everstone, a parent's Nature will still always be passed down, but which parent's Nature is passed down is randomly determined.

You just need to get an Everstone from one of these locations:


Gliscor learns the move Night slash by leveling up(at level 27).
It gets Cross poison as an egg move from breeding with:

  • Parasect
  • Spinarak
  • Ariados
  • Skorupi
  • Drapion


Earthquake can be found here on Route 15. It is located southeast of the entrance to Black City or White Forest (you'll need Strength).


And finally, Swords dance can be bought at the Battle Subway or the Pokemon World Tournament for 18 BP.


Source: Lots and lots of links I left above and experience.
Hope I helped!

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To catch a Poison Heal gliscor you need to catch a immunity gligar in windswept sky, then evolve it to gliscor. To get the right Nature you are going to have to breed, but this can be made easier by a everstone! Find a Pokemon of yours that can breed with gliscor that has a jolly nature and give it the everstone, then breed and you will get a immunity gligar with jolly nature. To get night slash you will need to breed some more! You need a Pokemon in the breeding group Bug that learns night slash, I will use scizor for my example. Level your scizor up to lv 45, teach it night slash, then breed it with gligar. You now have a gligar with night slash, immunity and jolly nature, you just need cross poison! Cross poison is another breeding move, this one is also in bug egg group, I will use parasect for my example. Parasect learns cross poison at level 1 so you won't need to level up at all, now you just breed and you have a gligar with immunity, jolly nature, cross poison and night slash! Just evolve it and you are all set! Hope this helps!

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You can get a Gligar with it's Hidden Ability Immunity in the Hidden Grotto on Route 23.

Here is a picture of the Hidden Grotto on Route 23:

Hidden Grotto

Note Gligar is the rarest of all Pokemon that can be found is this Hidden Grotto as there is only a 1% chance of encountering a Gligar.

To get a Gligar with Immunity with a Jolly Nature you're going to have to be either extremely lucky and get the first Gligar you capture from the Hidden Grotto with a Jolly Nature, or breed the Gligar you captured in the Hidden Grotto until you get one with Immunity and a Jolly Nature.

Of course if you're breeding the Gligar you've captured it has to be a Female, as Males can't pass down their Hidden Ability in Gen V.

To get a Gligar with Immunity, a Jolly Nature, Night Slash and Cross Poison you're going to have to breed your Gligar with a Drapion, (you can breed it with other Pokémon but Drapion is the preferred choice as it can learn both Night Slash and Cross Poison by levelling up.)

Once you've bred Gligar enough times hopefully you should have a Gligar with Immunity, a Jolly Nature, Night Slash and Cross Poison, all that's left to do now is evolve Gligar into a Gliscor with a Razor Fang.

And of course you can teach Gliscor Earthquake and Swords Dance through TM26 and TM75.

Good Luck!

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Alrighty so first you need to get a female gligar with its hidden ability immunity. It can be found inside the Hidden Grotto on Route 23. If its not jolly, then keep breeding it with a ditto until you get the jolly nature. The jolly gligar needs to be female have immunity. Then give the Gligar the everstone and breed it with a male ariados that knows cross poison. Evolve the baby gligar (i assume you already know how to evolve it) and level it up to level 27. That's when it learns the move night slash. Then level it up to level 50, which is when it learns swords dance.
And this video will tell you how to get the tm for earthquake. Hope I helped!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLpN1k4PI1Q <---- video

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