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Is it supposed to be COM-FAY or COM-FEE?
Is it supposed to be GLIS-CORE or GLY-SCOR?

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While pronunciation of Pokémon names can vary from person to person, if we use the pronunciation of the words in their etymology, we can find the most accurate way to say them.

Gliscor is pronounced GLY-SCORE, from the words glide and scorpion.
Comfey is likely pronounced COM-FAY, from the words comfy and lei (a Hawaiian flower necklace).

I hope this helps, and if you disagree please say so :)

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Then why does the Pokémon anime pronounce Comfey's name as "comfy"? Also, the way Gliscor's name is spelt confuses me (makes it look like it's supposed to be pronounced as Gliscor and not GLYSCOR or GLYSCORE). Flygon's name I get, but not Gliscor.
The dubbed version? Probably because that's how the VOs pronounce it, I guess. Or I could be wrong, of course!
Gliscor is literally glide + scorpion, but the way it's spelled I can totally see why it's commonly pronounced as GLIH-SCORE.