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I know that moves like Thunder Punch (75 power) with STAB are 100 power and what I want to know is if moves like Shadow Sneak (40 power) and Hex (65 power) also get 25 more base power with STAB or is it different?

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in other words how much does stab give to all moves.

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Same-type attack bonus, commonly abbreviated as STAB, is a 50% boost to the power of an attack when the attack is the same type as one of the types of the Pokémon using the attack. This results in a 50% increase in damage (100% if the Pokémon has the Adaptability Ability).

STAB doesn't add 25 Base Power to the original Base Power, but it boosts the Base Power by 50%, and 1.5 equals 50%.
So a 75 Base Power Thunder Punch*1.5=112.5 Base Power which equals 112 Base Power.
>in other words how much does stab give to all moves.
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STAB applies to all moves that are the same type as the user. Basically multiply the Base Power of a move by 1.5 if you have STAB.


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So all I have to do is take the base power of the attack and do this....(Hex 65 power X 1.5=97 power)?
and if I gave my pokemon the spell tag and they already get stab for hex how much more should I times it by?
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STAB does not add 25 base power. It boosts moves of the users type by 50%
Example: Pikachus Thunderbolt will have a 50% boost because Pikachu and Thunderbolt are the same types, so Thunderbolt gets STAB. Hope I helped!