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Ok I am going to(After I have finished my eeveelution team and gardevoir) train a charizard. I wanted to know is it worth it to go throught the trouble of getting an E-quake tm to make a D-dance sweeper(Fire punch and Dragon claw for it's other moves) or should I go with a special set. I don't want to do a mixed sweeper and I was considering a D-dance sweeper becuase it has to low speed to do a swords dancer becuase garchomp can just stone edge it before it can D-claw it but if it had D-dance it will be much better.

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This is in pokemon platinum
I am sure you will now a thing about this trachy considering it is your faverite pokemon.

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Umm, first of all, it's a terrible idea to even pit Charizard against Garchomp. Charizard is strong, and I like him as much as the next trainer, but Charizard actually beating Garchomp one on one has very low odds.

A Dragon Dance Charizard is very rare on Wi-Fi, so I think it'd be a good idea for screwing over your opponents. Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Fire Punch, and Dragon Claw give perfect coverage against any enemy, so that's always good.

Just be careful about when you use Charizard in battle. Even though it'll be pretty tough to match after a Dragon Dance or two, it'll be hard to efficiently boost him, seeing as Charizard is pretty frail.

This could well very well as a switch-in, though, so don't lose hope. :)

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I don't think its wourth to give charizard physical moves cuz its potential is in sp attack though youre moveset is good and not a lot people will expect a physical charizard but there is a risk that someone will get a water sweeper and by the time charizard will d-dance to out speed it the sweeper will get you sweeped
this moveset is pertty good but again untill you will charge youre charizards speed a garchomp can end youre charizard and if youre charizard will have like 4 hp left and you use dragon claw it may not take the chomp down and charizards sp attack is much better the attack so I think the rel potencial of chaizard will be in the special moveset which has only one weaknes too:

dragon pulse-better the claw and special

sunny day-takes a turn like d-dance

solarbeam-take adventege

heat wave\flamethrower-STAB

to wrap things up I think youre moveset has everything charizard has to offer a special moveset is only and opsion but I like the physical cuz charizard dosent need to cover ground beacuse its a flying I would go with mix sweeper but as you want it I would go with the pure physical

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I honestly don't think a sunny day solar beam would be the best idea for a fire type, if your against a rock type and you try it BOOM your dead b4 you can get the solar beam off, with a water type, you can cut the power, but if you can't one hit KO it, or its faster than you ( as Speed Freak mentioned charzards speed isn't something to brag about, then you would get killed.
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Wow, I have to admit, this was insanely creative, I do random Wi-fi battle on PBR and if someone pulled at a physical charizard on me, I would be surprised. something I would try though, I wouldn't go for the physical route, because charizard has a higher base SP. ATK stat. If you wanted a special set, you could switch D-Claw with D-Pulse, Get flamethrower, or heat wave, whatever floats you boat, and something I tried with my charizard that worked great, was using roost, I had a charizard with this moveset,

Dragon Pulse

My charizard almost never dies, you can set a toxic ( Almost no one expects a charizard to use toxic, ) then use flamethrower for power, Dragon Pulse for pesty dragon types, and when his HP gets to about half, use roost. My charizard has literally never lost a batlle.

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After one Dragon Dance, Charizard's Attack is higher.
After two, it's basically doubled its Special Attack.
Charizard has no way of making its Special Attack higher.

With the right setup, Physical Charizard is statistically stronger than SpecialZard.
And pretty much any water,rock,or even electric type, could pretty much have you KO'd by the time you dragon dance.
Yeah but he doesn't have the defenses or hp to pull off toxic or roost either.
I'm not gonna argue man, I was just saying that it worked for me, I have a gentle nature for him so that probally helped some