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Is Camouflage or Reflect Type a better move for Starmie/Staryu?

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Neither, in my opinion. But if you were to use one, I would use Reflect Type. Camouflage only turns you into a normal type Pokemon in Wi-Fi battles, and Starmie is fast so he can use Reflect Type on the target and change types first most of the time.
If this is in-game then it doesn't really matter at all, just choose whichever you prefer.

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Just to add to your answer Camouflage changes the Pokémon's type to a type corresponding to the battlefield terrain. The type caused by each environment changes between games, as does the environments recognized. In Wi-Fi battles because there is no terrain it changes you into a plain Normal type. So if you have to choose one or the other choose what Crimson said and go with Reflect Type but honestly I wouldn't choose either of them.
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It depends on where you battle most often. If you participate in a lot of link battles, Reflect Type is more useful, because Camouflage always makes it a Normal type. You can get a better variety of types with Reflect Type. In game, I think Camouflage is more helpful, because then your type is not dependent on your opponent's Pokemon. The only time Reflect Type would be better is when a Pokemon's attacks are weak against its own type. (e.g. Fire vs. Fire)