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1. Using Dragon Tail (-6) with Quick Claw (+8) to a Protect (+4) Pokemon who ill attack first?
2. Does Sucker Punch (+1) works against Extreme Speed (+2)?
3. What happend when 2 Pokemons with SAME stats use Quick Attack (+1)?

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1) The Pokemon using Protect would move first, because Quick Claw does not boost Priority, but let's you move first in your priority bracket. This means Dragon Tails priority would still be -6.

2) Sucker Punch will fail, since Extremespeed has higher priority

3) Each Pokemon has a 50% chance to move first. (Essentially a coin toss)

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thanks this is great information to know :D
Um... not entirely correct though
Sucker Punch does fail when any opponent attacks before it does, even Extremespeed.