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Which Pokemon are faster than Azumarill ?

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So I have an Azumarill with Choice Scarf and I have no investment on speed and I want to know what Pokemon is faster than it CX ?

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Well, with no investments at all that means we are looking at it's very minimum, so being that you didn't give a Nature we'll say it's hindering so I know which number to work with which is 94 Speed with no Ivs/Evs whatsoever. So:

94 x 1.5 = 141

So that means any Pokemon with Speed greater than 141 will outspeed your Azumarill in this instance.

So hope I've Helped! :)

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There was just too many Pokemon to list so just click on the link, then click on the part that says 'speed' and you will have a list of Pokemon based on their speed
A choice scarfed azumarill will have a base speed of 75 so every Pokemon with a base speed higher than 75 (not choice scarfed) is faster than Azumarill

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