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It's all in the title, but if you're curious I'm gonna use a filler move slot as Me First for a scarfed 'Mon. Top ten if you can...

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The fastest user of Me First is accelgor, though when male meowstic with prankster uses it it's faster due to prankster giving plus one priority to status moves, but in terms of base speed it's accelgor.

Top ten fastest users of me first
1. Accelgor
2.Mega Mewtwo Y
3.Mega Mewtwo X
6.Mega Absol and Zebstrika when evolved from blitzle (same base speed)
8.Mega Pinsir and Mienshao, Mismagias when evolved from misdreveas, Floatzel ( same base speed)
9. Meowstic
10. Mew

If including Prankster, Meowstic is faster

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Mewtwo, Accelgor, Talonflame, and Mega absol.

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The fastest Pokemon that can learn me first is accelgor. Accelgor doesn't NEED to be scarfed, since its so fast, but if you want to be the fastest mon on the battlefield, go ahead.

Accelgor @ Choice Scarf / Life Orb
Sticky Hold
252 Spe / 252 SpA / SpD
Timid Nature
Giga Drain
Bug Buzz
Sludge Bomb
Me First

Either item works. You can be extremely fast, versus having a little extra "fire power". If this is your strategy, priority is your doom. Hope I helped!

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Accelgor is the fastest with a base speed of 145
Mega Mewtwo Y with 140
Mega Mewtwo X/Mewtwo with 130
Talonflame with 126
Mega Absol with 115

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  1. Accelgor(145)
    T7.Mega Absol(115)
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