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This question is very funny to me, look at B to see why. :) Okay, in order to get Legendaries from other games that aren't in X/Y without trading them to GTS you can either:

A: Make a Shout-Out e.g (looking for) LF: Entei
Chances are that some wonderful person will respond by sending you a trade request and from there the two of you can negotiate.

B: Take advantage of PokemonDB's Chat Room! Chat is usually filled with people who want to trade just like you. In Chat you can set up a trade between you and someone and actually tell the person " I'm offering Shiny Deoxys for a Groundon." Although it's not certain kind people here are willing to trade with you for an equal gain.

So Hopefully I've Helped

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Just make a good trade offer by trading one of your legendaries for a legendary that you can only get by pokebank.
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Or you can trade shinies to get legendaries too
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You can trade with someone nearby wireless or with a friend online, but you can transfer Legendaries from game to game like from D/P/Pl to HG/SS then B/W/B2/W2 and THEN X/Y. Not sure about other Generations.

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