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This is a stupid question but its out of pure curiosity, Mega Gengar's torso is only shown in its battle, so what does his legs look like if he has any.
Just wondering if there is a picture of it.
Again it's just curiosity, thanks


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Apparently, Mega Gengar does have legs.

They are just underground, which makes sense because he is a ghost.

Anyways, this picture appears everywhere and lots of people say they saw this when they used MGengar in competitive, though I can't confirm for myself if it's true(I don't play competitive on DS).


There's always the chance that it is fake but so many people say it's true I wouldn't just write it off. You can even try to see for yourself. :D

Anyways, either that or we don't know because GF never revealed it.

Sources: Reddit and more Reddit. Plus the rest of the internet. :P
Hope I helped.

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Eww gross  thanks alot for the quick response
Ikr ._.
No problem.
Those legs scare me :o
i finally found out why mega gengar keeps his legs under ground