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I don't like competitive play so by choice I don't involve myself with it. I can't pretend it isn't all around me though, so I end up seeing a lot of discussions about which Mega-Evolutions are worth it or not. I'm drawing a Mega-Gengar right now and it just sort of made me realize that I don't think I've ever heard or seen anyone use it, other than a youtube video showing us every Mega... I can't even think of a time I heard of someone using it in-game...but then again I don't really keep tabs on how other people play their games...

So to people consider it trash? Or is this just me not having enough references?
How good is it's use competitively?

Are you asking for a good strategy?
Due note that it loses its Levitate ability upon Mega-Evolution in Gen 6.
well, it the highest speed for any ghost type, prevents opponents from switching, and pretty good special attack, and a decent movepool
It is in Ubers, if that means anything (I know your not competitive). Ubers is the top tier (Basically), so I'd say it is one of the best mega evolutions. (Those including Mewtwo X & Y, Lucario, Blaziken, Kangaskhan, Mawile, and Rayquaza).

Discussion about this is more that teams have to be semi-specialized to fit a mega Pokemon in it, especially since there aren't as many options, and that Z-Moves can be on any team (even though you can have both).

And Hey, if a pokemon you like isn't competitively viable, who cares. That shouldn't matter to you.

P.S. Mega Gengar was my Mvp for my Pokemon X playthrough :P
I mean, in Pokemon Showdown/ smogon rules (very popular and highly competitive rulesets), Mega Gengar was actually banned for being TOO good. Take that as you will. Might do an actual, detailed answer later.
Personally I like Mega Gengar! It's Speed and Special Attack are marvelous, my thought was that people didn't use it because there were other Pokemon that could pull off its strats...didn't think that it had gotten banned for being too good! Awesome. Also Fusion Elitist Jason, I am aware that it looses Levitate. It also has Cursed Body in Alola, which has its pros and cons... I like all these comments, thanks guys ;)
I just wanted to add that Ubers isn't the only format in competitive battling. Gengar is also great in VGC for perish trapping and checking the many common psychics and fairies.

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Mega Gengar is a great Pokémon.

Mega Gengar is very powerful, so powerful in fact, it was quickly banned to the Uber tier, and is a big threat in the metagame. Here is why:

  • Mega Gengar's greatest weapon is its ability: Shadow Tag. This ability allows it to trap any Pokémon of any type. This allows Gengar to revenge kill with absolute ease, trapping opponents who have a bad matchup against it.
  • Mega Gengar is also very fast, with a base speed stat of 130. Speed is very important in competitive, and being able to move first against so many Pokémon is great, especially paired with Shadow Tag.
  • Mega Gengar has a tremendous special attack stat of 170. This allows Gengar to punch massive holes in teams, and with it, can trap and KO many Pokémon.
  • Lastly, Mega Gengar is backed up with a good movepool. Gengar can learn Sludge Wave, a STAB, 100% accurate, 95 BP move that hits very hard, as well as other moves like Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, and Dazzling Gleam. This helps further bolster Mega Gengar's offensive prowess. There are also other moves such as Will-O-Wisp and Hex that can be effective on certain trapped Pokémon.
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Ghost type pokemon and pokemon holding the item Shed Shell are immune to the effects of Shadow Tag, just a quick side note.