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Pokémon Black and White,and Black and White 2 get a lot of crap over their inanimate object Pokémon - Vanillish,Garbodor etc. and for Pokémon that are different in form or color.
Pokémon like Ferrothorn are used in battle but people hate the color and shape. However, recently I've noticed that the Pokémon Aegislash (Also an inanimate object - the 'sword’) doesn't have the same hate - actually it is loved by most and on almost every competitive team!
Pokémon B/W and B/W2 Are some of my favorite in the series but why do people hate its Pokémon so much. Garbodor and Muk are the same, in fact Garbodor is a much more interesting Pokémon.
So my question is; Why did Black and White get so much hate for Pokémon that aren't all that bad?

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A lot of people that play Pokemon have played it since the first generation. You maybe heard of "genwunners".
Those people like to hate on Pokemon that exist after the first and second gen because they think the first ones are the best. It goes beyond personal preference.

Gen V had the most Pokemon based on inanimate objects( I think) so it got more hate than other generations. Mostly because of Vanilluxe, Garbodor and such.

This doesn't mean everyone that played Pokemon since gen 1 is like that, just some.

To be honest they were kind of running out of ideas, or so it seemed, but it got more hate than necessary.

This doesn't mean I'm 100% correct but it's definitely one of the major reasons.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks,that's why I thought too but I needed another opinion.I honestly loved GenV but tthat's my own decision,Maybe I liked it because I'm not American XD!But seriously,I think the Pokémon were fine,I liked the inanimate object Pokémon! :-) Thanks!
my problem with a lot of gen5 is the obvious clones of gen1 pokemon
No problem.
I loved Gen V too, it brought a lot of good Pokemon into the game.