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Well you see, I need to send some Pokemon to my mate so he can help train them for the E4. I gave him a good plan but he's much a better trainer than me. Anyhow, what Pokemon do I need for the rest of the game (I'm training for Jasmine)? I'm thinking fire, fighting and ice?
Also when should I start saving my money to splash it all on full restores and stuff?

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Over leveling. do it.
Terlor pls. Overleveling is boring. You need some sort of strategy.

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The types you would need the most are:

  • Fire (for Jasmine)
  • Fighting (for Pryce)
  • Ice (for Clair)
  • Electric

Pryce and Clair both have a Pokemon that isn't "their type". Pryce has Seel and Clair has Gyarados.
That's why I would recommend an electric type, too. Just to deal with those two as well.

Make sure that if you are using a Fighting type against Jasmine it is a special attacker, or just use a Fire type. Steelix is a beast in physical defense. :P

Hope I helped.

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