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I have checked on at least a dozen sites by now, and can confirm that Abra appears on Route 5 on Pokemon X. I would like an Alakazam for my team, however in the 2-3 hours that I've spent mindlessly wandering through tall grass in hopes of encountering an Abra, I have yet to even catch a glimpse of one. The rarity of an Abra according to Bulbapedia is "Very Rare". However the rarity for Plusles on the same route is also "Very Rare" and I run into one every other encounter. I'm not sure at all why I can't find one, is it time/day/season exclusive? Or is it just that rare?

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You are just extremely unlucky.

There's really no way to expand on this, keep trying and you will eventually find an Abra, unless your game is glitched/bugged.

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