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I need someone to explain these things I dont understand them at all.
Please help!

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Okay let me go in order

STAB: lets say arcanine used fire fang since fire fang is the same type has arcanine. Fire fang will get a boost of x1.5.(stab=Same type attack bonus).

GEMS: gems are to boost moves of the same type has the gem. It gives a boost of 50% of its base power but however it can only be used once. in Pokemon X/Y the boost went down to 33%.

Choice item: choice item are used to boost certain stats like choice band(50%more in attack) choice scarf(50% boost in speed) choice spec( 50% boost in special attack) but all these items boost those certain stats but the user can only use the first move its used.

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The boost of the gemmed change trough the generations.
"through the generations"
The gems were only in gen 5.
"A Gem is consumed when the Pokémon holding it uses a damaging attack that matches the Gem's type, and the attack's power is boosted by 30% (50% prior to Generation VI)".
But gen VI doesnt have gems...
It has Normal Gems just not any other Gems :3