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Best relevant example would be gorilla tactics Galarian Darmanitan equipped with a choice band. Another includes a burned Jolteon with quick feet holding a choice scarf. Or even a burned conkeldurr with guts holding a choice band.

Normally factors are multiplicative in Pokemon games, so you can naturally assume they are, but in the case of adaptability, it's additive. Stab is 2x, which is an additive 0.5 multiplier to the existing 1.5x stab.

Following adaptability as an example you might think that sniper would also be additive. Which would make crits 2x damage, but it's multiplicative like most other things, making it 2.25x effective in the event of a crit.

I would like to think adaptability as special, and all other values in Pokemon are simply multiplicative, but it would be nice if someone could confirm this for me.

Adaptability is a 4/3 multiplier, so it turns 3/2 (ie. the STAB multiplier) into 2.
Also I'm pretty sure that's not how additives work. Adaptability and STAB both change damage. So if a no-STAB attack does 100 damage, and then the user changes type to get STAB, then that same attack will deal 150 damage because 100*3/2=150.
If adaptability is a 0.5 adder, not a 4/3 multiplier, then that attack would deal 150.5 damage because 150+0.5=150.5. That's probably not how adaptability really works, so adaptability is probably not a 0.5 adder.
Autotomize is an additive game mechanic because it subtracts 100 kg each time someone uses it. There might be other examples.
Not sure where you're getting +0.5 being a flat value....  It would, naturally, be a percentage like other modifiers.  The question is whether the modifiers are additive or multiplicative.  IE, do you add 1.5 for STAB and 0.5 for Adaptability together to get 2.
If percentages count as additive, then the super effective modifier would just be adding 100%. Choice items would add 50%. There would be no difference between adders and multipliers.
How are you sure that adaptability adds 50% to STAB, and it doesn't add 33% to the damage or multiply the damage by 133%?

My Pyukumuku had a base speed of 62. After a choice scarf, it had a speed stat of 92. After the Max Airstream from Ninjask, it had a speed stat of 139.


As you can see even though choice scarf gives a +1 in speed, and max airstream gives a +1 in speed, my speed stat was multiplied by (1.5*1.5) instead of 2. I hope I helped
The question asks to confirm that all modifiers are multiplicative.
Oof did not rread properly
When I said adaptability was additive, i meant this:

Normal multiplier for STAB is 1.5.

Multiplier for STAB with adaptability is 2.

So the calculation for STAB under adaptability is: [arbitrary damage value x (1.5 + 0.5)]

Simplified this means stab under adaptability is double damage rather than 1.5. Which means the percentages on that portion of the calculation were added together, hence additive, not multiplicative.

The pyukumyuku comment answered my question for the most part anyways. A level 100, 252 attack evs, 31 attack ivs, adamant guts conkeldurr has 414 attack. Add a choice band and it goes to 621. Add burn on top of that and it goes to 931.5. Right?
How do you know it's not [arbitrary damage value x (1.5 * 1.33)]?
Also Showdown!'s damage calculator says the max physical attack is 416, so you might want to check your source.

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These stat modifiers are not multiplicative.
Physical attack: power trick, power split
Physical defense: power trick, guard split
Special attack: power split
Special defense: guard split
Speed: speed swap