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Finally hatched a shiny Eevee but alas, no Sp.Def. I was wondering how I should best raise it to make the most out of it. Modest natured by the way. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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Does it have its hidden ability? If it does, go for Espeon.
Or, if you want to use it on a rain team, Jolteon (without hidden ability) or Vaporeon (with hidden ability) would be good.

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Well, if this is for looks (because it's shiny), go for for Sylveon or Umbreon, they look the best shiny.

If this is for competitive battling, I would suggest using another Eevee, because the only physically Defensive Eeveelution with high SpA is Glaceon (Glaceon fits perfectly for your Eevee, both in nature and IVs), and Glaceon is just not a good competitive Pokemon (unless you're playing NU).

So to just answer your question, Glaceon.

Oh ok, yea I'll probably just breed for another. Glaceons are cool I may just make it that. ^_^