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*Tangled Feet - Pokémon’s evasion raises one level when Confused.*

My Dodrio have this ability and when I saw the word ''when''does it means the +1 evasion only works when Dodrio is confused?

Example - Crobat used Confuse Ray on my Dodrio, now my Dodrio is confused and wins +1 evasion, but Dodrio have Lum Berry and heals confusion... hold my Dodrio still have +1 evasion?

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Yes, evasion is only active when confused. It's kind of like the Unburden ability. Lose an item, speed doubles. Get another item, lose speed. Hopefully this answers your question. Hope I helped!

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I'm pretty sure it does work when confused,Hope I helped! :-)

that didnt answer may question in nothing '-'