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From 0 to how many rounds?

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Gen I: 1-7 turns (1-3 Stadium series).

Gen II: Same as Gen II.

Gen III: 1-6 turns.

Gen IV: 1-4 turns (In the Japanese version of Diamond and Pearl, the duration is 2-5 turns.)

Gen V: 1-3 turns. (In addition, a Pokémon's sleep counter is reset to its original amount when switched out, even if self-induced.)

Gen VI: Same as Gen V but the sleep counter no longer resets to its original amount when switched out.


If a Pokémon has the Early Bird Ability and they are put to sleep, the maximum number of turns they potentially could be asleep for is 3 in Gen III, the minimum number of turns a Pokémon could be asleep for is 0 in Gen III onward.

>Early Bird causes quick awakening from sleep. In the turn the Pokémon is put to sleep, the number of turns it will remain asleep is preset. If it is 6 turns, it will be halved to 3. If 3, it will be rounded to 1. If only 1 turn is preset, it is rounded to 0, causing the Pokémon to instantly wake up at the end of the same turn.


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It can stay asleep for 2-5 rounds per sleep move you use but early bird reduces it.

with early bird it can be 0, but the max is 5 right?
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A Pokemon can be asleep for 100s of rounds!

If a Pokemon goes back into its Pokeball whilst asleep then it's sleep counter resets [lets say 3 rounds have passed, the asleep Pokemon is withdrawn and then sent out, the Pokemon will be seen as having it's first round of sleep even though this isn't true]. Therefore, if a Pokemon is withdrawn and then sent back in over and over again it will stay asleep until it is fainted (unless it is the last Pokemon and isn't fainted before it wakes up); this could take 100s of turns if every Pokemon on the opposing team uses non-damaging moves.

This is also true if the Pokemon leaves play through:

  • The Eject Button
  • Dragon Tail
  • Roar
  • Whirlwind
  • Sleep Talk --> U-turn
  • Sleep Talk --> Volt Switch
  • Sleep talk --> Baton Pass
  • Parting Shot

This is not true however from Gen V onwards.

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