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If I were to use a Sceptile then use Swords Dance then switch out to a different Pokemon, would the Swords Dance still be in affect towards the switched Pokemon?

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No, you'd lose that Swords Dance boost when you switch out. Those temporary boost only last while the Pokemon is in battle; they disappear if it switches out or the battle ends.

There is a way to carry boost over to another Pokemon though, and that's through the use of the move Baton Pass. If you have boost and then you use Baton Pass, whatever you switch into will have the same boosts (and also any other special things, like Stockpiles, Ingrain, etc.) Be careful though, it also passes on any stat drop you may have received.

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It doesn't stay when you switch out.

Swords dance simply disappears unless you use Baton pass or switch into the other Pokemon some other way that keeps the Swords dance boost.

Otherwise the boost is lost when you switch out.

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