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Okay so,I wanted my Altaria to learn both Perish Song and Sky Attack.

My current moveset now is:

  • Fly
  • Dragon Claw
  • Dragon Dance
  • Steel Wing

Fly and Dragon Claw are pretty much straightforward,with STAB and decent power.
Dragon Dance is to buff up Attack and Speed.
And Steel Wing is coverage.

Back to the question,what moves should I replace for him to learn Perish Song and Sky Attack?Or shouldn't those moves be learned for a certain reason?

Any suggestions is allowed and appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Oh,and note that this is in Emerald.

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Your current moves are completely fine for ingame

Sky attack, while powerful, has a drawback which is a waiting turn, during the waiting turn you are prone to attacks. While Fly also has a waiting turn, you can't be damaged by attacks for that turn. And it is generally better in game as you can use it to fly to different locations. After a D-Dance boost, Fly would easily be capable of taking out the same Pokemon as Sky Attack with none of the draw backs.

Perish Song is only good as a finishing move or to force switches in competitive, which you aren't doing. By the time those 3 turns are up, you have probbaly either KO'd the oppoenent or got wiped out, if it's late game at least. It's a waste of a moveslot with little practical use.

So, you're fine as you are. Set is good to use.

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