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I heard that in Pokemon X/Y, Route 2 has a guaranteed Pidgey encounter on the first patch of grass, second row. However, I can't find a source like Bulbapedia to back this up. If it's true, is there anything unusual about the Pidgey(like set IVs)?

Where did you hear about this?
Pretty much everyone on Nuzlocke Forums talks about the "Obligatory Pidgey" or whatevs when doing a X/Y run.
Yeah a Google search only came up with a Nuzlock forum thread talking about it, but nothing other than that.
I think that if Bulbapedia doesnt have any info about it and the only source is a Nuzlock forum, it's probably not true.
It's almost definitely not true, I just don't feel like point grubbing without testing, but I'm 99% sure.
The grass is arranged like this:

x x x x x
o x x x x
x x x x x

Are you talking about the patch I marked as 'o'?
Weird, when I searched it, a few other forums came up, too.
@ Scraf IDK, one guy said he found it three times in the "second row".
Well, I just tested it and I found a Pidgey. Had to move around in the grass though.
Second test I found a Fletchling.
I don't think there are any sources to confirm this. However, every time I stepped into that patch of grass I found a Pidgey as well. I don't think there's anything special about it, though.

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Not a myth!!

I tested this by watching a bunch of XY Let's Plays' first episode.
This is actually true, you will always encounter a Pidgey on the second row of the first patch of grass.
however, there's no way for me to actually know if it has set IVs, nature, happiness etc. without restarting my game a bunch of times, catching the pidgey and comparing them to see if they are the same

Source, source, source and another source.

It just can't be a coincidence that they all ran in to pidey on the second row!

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Same happened to me whenever I went there. I doubt there's anything special about it, though.