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I've got Pokemon Yellow and the save file didn't work. I bought it like a month ago, so how can I fix it?

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When I save my Pokemon Yellow the next time I turn it on it's all gone, please help.

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Was it a used Pokemon yellow?
They're so old that there's no way of fixing them. The cartridge is just corrupted. - you can play Pokemon Yellow online for free.
Is that legal? More to the point, is it allowed to mention this website?
Eh, everyone knows it. Literally it's the first website that comes up when you type "play Pokemon Yellow online".
As for legality, Nintendo says no, but. *shrug*

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The cartridge is corrupted. This happens to old GBA games. When a game is really old, it tends to stop working. I'd say you should return it to the store and play an emulator instead.

You can fix it, but it's a long and tedious process. You can get more information here. Good luck!

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Your GameBoy game's battery might have run out, or your game got corrupted, that happens when you do not use it for a while. hope I helped :D(I dont think so)

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