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Other than the Donphan chain that is.

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^ not there terlor
No honourable mentions for elephants ;-;

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Only the Donphan chain.

Visually nothing else resembles elephants, nor is it in their origin on Bulbapedia.

Source: looked through the Pokedex
Hope I helped.

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Munna and Drowzee are also based off elephants lol
I was thinking there must be something else too tho
Munna looks more like a pig to me but  drowzee is most likely based on an elephant
Drowzee isn't. I thought so too but I checked the Bulbapedia origin page and it's based on a mythological creature who eats bad dreams of sleeping people.

Munna doesn't even look like one.
Munna and Musharna are based off tapirs rather than elephants.
Does Mamoswine count considering that it's based off the mammoth which is an ancestor to the modern elephant?
No. Mamoswine has no trunk...
It's more based on a cross between a mammoth and a swine (pig)
So not quite lol