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At the Battle House (maison) my Blastoise got paralyzed but the message didn't show up after a few turns. Why?
Thanks in advance!

Are you sure you didn't miss it or something? Just wondering.
Did it Say the Word "Paralyzed" On The HP Bar ?
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yes it did say paralyzed
You could have just missed it then.
i did not miss the message! i can read unlike someothers.
sorry if i was rude earlier
No, it's still perfectly possible to miss it.
Human Error is unavoidable. You will always misread things, even if you're the world's leading professor of english.
i was watching the game so hard and it definitely didn't say it!
You mean the message - "Blastoise is paralyzed! It may not be able to move!" (something like that)
OR was it this message you are talking about - "Blastoise is paralyzed! It cannot move!"
You said AGAIN, right? If it is glitches, its probably from before.
This question was months back, he isn't looking for answers anymore :P, so refrain from commenting (it will just jump back into the recent activity section with no purpose). And his game used to glitch often, that's why "again".
Im sorry I'm new to this but I'm trying to get points to upvote people!
And please don't hidw my answers!

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If you didn't just miss the message, then yes.

Well, I'm not 100% sure, honestly. But the extent of my Pokemon knowledge tells me nothing prevents the message from appearing other than a possible glitch.

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