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I am sick of spending all my time on the D.S. looking for Blue and red shards underground. So I can teach the punches to my pokemon. I want to get 8 blue shards so I can teach charmander Fire punch, but so far I only have 2 and I so angry right know I might go with flare blitz(I hate recoil moves). So please is there a way to get shards fast.

Note: I already traded all my shards from hg to platinum


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Since you have Heart Gold, you could use rock smash in the Ruins of Alph, the rocks can sometimes yield shards. It's not lightning fast, but it's an easy way to come up with the shards you need.

But you can only get the shards once right?
Noo! Leave the area, enter again, and you can repeat as much as you want!  ~
Also when using rock smash on the rocks you can find fossels
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Here are a few tips for the underground.

First, go to the area on the map with the most flashing bits, so you don't have to go too far between attempts.

Take note of how many items it says are in the wall. Tap a few spots in different places. As soon as you see an item that isn't what you want, move on to the next one. For example if you see part of a sphere, just ignore it and look elsewhere. Or that damn heat rock, I got about 20 of those in my Diamond version :/

If you see part of a shard, carefully pick around it until you've uncovered it.

Once you have seen all the items that are in the wall, just bash one area with the big hammer to quit. For example if it says there are 3 items there, and you uncover 3 separate squares that are spheres, just quit that wall and move on.

I seem to recall shards being fairly common, e.g. at least 1/5 walls, maybe more.

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Since you have Heart Gold, you could also ocassionally find shards through the Pokewalker. There are various courses you can look in. Just get the required number of steps and go 'Dowsing'. Here's a list:

Red Shard:
- Rugged Road (3000+ steps)
- Volcano Path (500+ steps)

- Scary Cave (3900+ steps)
- Night Skys Edge (2000+ steps)

Blue Shard:
- Beautiful Beach (3000+ steps)
- Warm Beach (4900+ steps)

- Scary Cave (3900+ steps)
- Night Skys Edge (1500+ steps)

Yellow Shard:
- Dim Cave (4500+ steps)
- Warm Beach (4900+ steps)

- Scary Cave (3900+ steps)
- Night Skys Edge (2500+ steps)

Green Shard:
- Scary Cave (3900+ steps)
- Resort (200+ steps)

- Night Skys Edge (3000+ steps)
- Noisy Forest (2000+ steps)

*Steps in a single day.

Hope this helps! ~

I lost my Pokewalker :(
Ooohh o.o'
 Than l guess you should get them in game; cause l got all mine from Pokewalker!