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I was trying to find them underground but I Searched so long by those glitters on the map but I cant find a glitter in the wall is that a bug

You can't see any glitters in the wall even when you tap your touchscreen?

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Lmao I was stalking my Sister's account (Phoenix447) and saw her half-answer, and promptly decided this is my chance to one-up her, so here I go.

Yes, this is a bug. This happened to me multiple times during my Oak Challenge. Here are some solutions that worked for me:

  • Playing with another game via inferred connection. This kind of force-summons more spots.
  • Waiting, or time skipping. Sometimes the game is just kind of dumb. Usually after a set amount of time, without another game or DS, it'll just decide to work again.

However, you can get more shards in Fuego Ironworks and in the safari.

Fuego Ironworks - Exchange Star Pieces for 1 of each Shard with the man near the smelting furnace.

At the safari, go in. In your right there's an Ace Trainer, every day he will give you a shard.


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Have you frequently touched the touchscreen? That should allow for those little glittery spots indicating an item to appear on the walls or on the top map. Try moving around a bit more and maybe leave and return underground to refresh. If that doesn’t help, try restarting your game, and make sure your touch screen is working correctly.

I did touch the touchsceen so many times  I saw those glitter thing but i i walked to it and toched the touchscreen but there was no glitter in the wall where was glitter on the map
or does it only work in a city or something
Hmm, maybe you’d need to leave and return to that area, or search somewhere else.   I’m going to start up my Platinum game, and see if maybe I come across anything similar.