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Also, will it mess up my game/3DS?

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Cloning is the same process for every Pokemon.
But I don't know how to clone.
I don't have a 6IV Ditto I just want to know how to clone pokemon and if a 6IV Ditto Clone will hurt my game or 3DS.
If cloning other Pokemon doesnt hurt your game/3DS, neither will cloning a 6IV Ditto, it is no different than other Pokemon.
Oh ok But how do you clone pokemon?
That i do not know, i guess you will have to wait for an answer.
This seems like a generally good guide:
Of course there are probably countless methods, but none of the cloning methods are legal.

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To clone a Pokémon in X and Y, you need two 3DS consoles, and two copies of the game, as to clone the Pokémon, you need to trade them.

Say you have an Arceus that you want to clone. I will call the game with the Arceus game 1, and the other one game 2. To clone Arceus, trade it from game 1 to game 2 with a Pokémon that is expendable, such as Pidgey. Start the trade, and in the middle of it, while the screen is black(I think), soft reset. The timing here is important, and it may take several tries to get it right.Be warned that the Pokémon from game 2 will disappear, and that is why I said it has to be expendable. This method can also be used to clone items.

There are many YouTube videos on how to do this, so I suggest you watch them to get the timing correct. The best tutorial on this glitch, in my opinion, is this. I highly recommended watching it if you are going to perform this glitch.

Source: I watched the above video a while ago, and also this.

Hope I helped.

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How to clone Pokemon is you need someone who either has X or Y, what you need to do is ask them for the trade, not them asking you for the trade, make sure you have a weak Pokemon that you don't want (like a Pokemon that you find at the start at the game or something) then when he gives you the Pokemon you wanted..you will have to wait until theres a blue screen saying "communicating...stand by" or somthing like that, then the person that you are tradeing with has to wait for 4 or 3 seconds and press then he/she has to press the off button and then home and while on your screen it will tell you to turn off your 3DS/2DS but when it asks you that press the off buton and then when it asks you to turn off your 3DS/2DS press home and go back to X/Y and see if there is the Pokemon you wanted is in there...and if its the weak Pokemon ask the player if he has the Pokemon in there and he might or if you have the Pokemon you were cloneing and the guy has the useless one then there was a little switcharoo (but if he dosn't have the Pokemon you were cloneing in there then it was deleted but that onley happends if you screw up) I hope this helps...it sounds complicaiting but there is some websites such as this one http://www.wikihow.com/Clone-in-Pokemon-X/Y

oh ok then, so i can still breed....but when you get online again ask me for the trade
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