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What will cause the increased rate of shinies to be reset when fishing or using the Poke Radar?

When and how does the chain end?
Does it end when:
- You run from a battle?
- When fishing, it says "Nothing seems to be biting..."?
- You don't reel in the Pokemon?
- You battle a Pokemon that is not part of the chain?

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Pokeradar: After 60, you will see a shiny patch of grass. The Pokemon in it is shiny and has a guaranteed 3 IV's. Then your chain resets.

Chain Fishing: If you run your chain will not break. If you run, the chain will not break. If you do not reel it in or no bite, your chain WILL break.
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Here is the question (and answers) on what will break your chain when using the radar.


  • A chain ends when it breaks. You can really just keep chaining as long as you want/ can.
  • Catching a shiny will not break your chain, but it will reset the chances of catching a shiny to the base chance (~1/4000 in XY).

Things that break/ might affect your chain when chain fishing

  1. getting no bite. To increase bite chances, fish in a corner and lead with something that has Suction Cups/ Sticky Hold
  2. moving from your spot
  3. changing weather conditions may break your chain
  4. chain fishing is unlike radar chaining; there is no 1 set Pokemon to chain. As long as you get bites, whatever the Pokemon is, the chain will keep going. You also do not have to knock out the Pokemon/ catch it, unlike radar chaining where you have to do that.
  5. pulling the rod too early or too late
  6. switching your game off (duh)
  7. putting your DS to sleep does not break your chain

Crash course to chain fishing (tumblr)
Youtube guide

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EXTREMELY useful, thanks for the comparison between fishing and poke radar.