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Is Mega Tyranitar better than Mega Aggron?

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First, let's look at both megas.

Mega Aggron gets a boost in attack, defense and special defense while Mega Tyranitar gets a boost in attack, defense and speed.

This means that Mega Aggron is meant to be a wall and Mega Tyranitar more of a sweeper.
Now, Mega Aggros gets the ability Filter which reduces the damage takes from super effective attacks by 25%.

Mega tyranitar gets Sand Stream. That summons a Sandstorm, which raises its special defense by 50%, and that's amazing for Tyranitar.

Both Pokemon get an ability that helps them survive.
One bad thing about Sand Stream is that if mega Tyranitar gets KO'd, any non-rock and non-steel types will be damaged by the Sandstorm until it subsides.
However, Sandstorm will help you a lot if you have a Pokemon with Sand Force, Sand Rush or Sand Veil.


Mega Aggron becomes a pure Steel type, so it only has 3 weakness, 10 resistances and 1 immunity.
Mega Tyranitar remains Rock/Dark type, and has 5 weakness,6 resistances and 1 immunity.

So, generally, Mega Aggron has better chances of surviving than Mega Tyranitar.

Mega Tyranitar's base Attack stat is 164, which means it's meant to be a sweeper.
Mega Aggron's base Attack stat is 140, and that also means it's capable of sweeping.

So, my choice is Mega Aggron because it has a better chance of surviving, and can also KO some Pokemon, but it's not better than Tyranitar.

Hope I helped :D

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thank you a lot you really helped :)
No problemo amigo :D
Mega T-Tar gets a whole lot of better coverage than Aggron, and can take a Special hit to the face
Aggron simply can't bear looking at special pokemon
Besides, T-Tar is an amazing weather setter, as it can kill a majority of other weather setters (bar Politoed). And since T-Tar's special defense increases in Sandstorm, it is arguably a better tank on the whole
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Mega Aggron is very bulky and is one of the best walls for people's team and mega Tyranitar is a great offensive Pokemon.

I say Mega Aggron is better because it's a Great Wall for your team like I said and I'm pretty sure your other Pokemon are offensive plus it's Mega ability, Filter, will make it resistant to some of its weakness, it is also the onley Pokemon to mega evolve into a single type, Tyranitar is a great monsterous and tremendous Pokemon that will kill one Pokemon to another but has lots of weaknesses and I'm pretty sure you have other offensive Pokemon on your team.

Sorry if this answer didn't appreciate you but it's ok, now choose wisely

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mega aggron ability is filter btw