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I want to know because Tyranitar is one of my favorites and I'd like to know which is better. This is for Competitive, FYI.

Neither... especially not Giga Impact. It gives you no extra coverage at all and makes you recharge on the next turn. Stone Edge is about just as powerful. Payback is unreliable. Pursuit and Crunch are better ideas.
This is just a question of what is better.

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Crunch is better than both.

It has superior power to Payback, plus a nice secondary effect. Also, Mega Tyranitar runs Dragon Dance the majority of the time and won't always go last. However, if you have to choose between Payback and Giga Impact…

Payback > Giga Impact

Giga Impact doesn't offer anything new coverage-wise, is resisted by many common types, and leaves you vulnerable for a turn while recharging. While this is naturally detrimental to every Pokémon, it is especially bad for Tyranitar since he basically gives Fighting-types the free switch in. Payback works well with slow, bulky sets, but Crunch is still the superior choice by a lot.

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Thanks this was for a tyranitar I have so I want it to have the best attack set.