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Is thsi In-Game or Competetive ?
And explain what your other Pokemon are on your team if this is ingame or competitive
Or are you talking about which Pokémon is exclusive to X?
in game

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While Aggron may have been OU in RSE, he is now far lower on the stat level than tyranitar. Since Aggron's best stat is defense, that's the only thing he has going for him. And since both have an incredible weakness to fighting type moves, the viable choice is Tyranitar, who can easily sweep with dragon dance or a baton pass from Blaziken. Tyranitar also has a wider movepool and better synergy with many other Pokemon, while Aggron has synergy with two or three

Source: Smogon

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But Tyranitar has more weakness and it keeps them at mega evolution while
Aggron has  filler while mega
True, but aggron is slightly more easy to stall that tyranitar. Also, tyranitar sand stream gets an extra 50% spD boost