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iv'e seen Pokemon mega evolve but I don't know if the move set changes or if extra stats are given, I do know that some of them look wicked cooler when they do tho, so I just wanna know what are the advantages of mega evolution?


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When a Pokemon Mega Evolves, it will always have 100 stat points added to its BST (base stat total). Points can be added to any stat besides HP. In addition, the Pokemon's ability and typing have the potential to change, although this is not always the case. The moveset does not change.

Now, Mega Evolving is not necessarily an advantage. While most Mega Evolutions are strong in competitive due to the extra stat points, this is not because it is a Mega Evolution- it is ultimately up to the typing, ability and stat distribution of the Mega, as well as the movepool of the original Pokemon. In other words, Mega Evolutions are not strong simply because they are Mega Evolutions- they are usually strong because of their well distributed stats and useful abilities and typings.

An example of this is Mega Lucario vs Mega Banette. Mega Banette has a subpar defensive and offensive typing in Ghost. While its stats point to an offensive Pokemon, its movepool and ability are more suited for a support Pokemon, so it cannot fill either role effectively. While it does have a great Attack stat, its other stats are mediocre and leave it unable to utilize this. Furthermore, its movepool is shallow and does not even provide it with a good STAB move. Meanwhile, Lucario has an amazing offensive and defensive typing in Fighting/Steel and an amazing ability for an offensive Pokemon. It has good offensive stats and a great movepool that provides it with powerful STABs and coverage.

The comparison of these Pokemon shows that Mega Evolutions are not strong just because they are Mega Evolutions, but because they usually have well distributed stats and good typing and abilities.

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IMO Mega Banette was not meant to be an attacker its for status moves.
Its base 165 Attack suggests otherwise.
It seems to be more of an offensive support, using Prankster Will-o-Wisp and Disable to disrupt and priority Pain Split to stay alive.
Point taken. I guess what I was trying to say was that its ability and movepool do not help it utilize its stats, and vice versa. Imagine if Mega Banette was much more tanky. It could bring utility in priority Will-O-Wisp and Taunt while also spinblocking, as well as having prioritized recovery. It cannot do this effectively because its stat points are wasted in Attack, thus making it frail.
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The advantage of mega evolution is that every Pokemon when it mega evolves gets 100 more base stats to there total. Every Pokemon gets the stats applied differently, but they always get at least 100 added to there base stat total.

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