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My Xerneas is level 72 and has the ability Fairy Aura. It stats are: Attack=239 Defence=183 Special Attack=207 Special Defence =177 Speed=188. It has the moves Geomancy, Horn Leech, Moonblast, and Megahorn. What type of attacker is it?

I'll allow this post, but in future I may not allow these types of questions as they can be answered very easily by looking up the Pokemon's base stats.
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Xerneas Stats
HP: 126
Attack: 131
Defense: 95
Sp. Atk: 131
Sp. Def: 98
Speed: 99

It has the same for both so and normal atk
But since its signature move is geomancy I say sp atker is the way to go

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Btw geomancy raises spatk by 2 spe by 2 and spdef by 2