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The show, Koukan Talk (In Pokemon Black / White), helps people with the English game to speak Japanese.
My question is, will it do the reverse with somebody with a Japanese game (ie. Teaches someone Japanese about English)?

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I think so but I'm not certain

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This will work for all countries, UK USA Japanese.

For the last twenty-five minutes of each hour, other shows such as human interest pieces are broadcast; these include "Eyes on Unova", "Your Pokémon", "Personality Assessment and Horoscope", "National Gymquirer", and "Unova News". Other programs shown at this time are "Koukan Talk", which teaches Japanese in the North American games; and "PokéQuiz", which quizzes three kids on the Japanese names of Pokémon. There are even infomercials advertising overpriced items.

No, in the Japanese games, they talk japanese and the pronunciation will be in japanese like the american/english games.

Confused? Example -

English/American Game - Where did you catch that Pokémon?
Japanese Game - Sono Pokémono doko de tsukamaeta no?
Pronunciation is the 2 Games is always the same - So-no po-kay-mon do-koh de tsu-ka-mah-e-ta no?

So the pronunciation is always in japanese. While American/English games first phrase is english/american, and in Japanese games the first phrase is in japanese, the Pronunciation always is in japanese language.

Hope this helps!

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Not 'In the North American Games', it does it for the Uk games too,
The pronunciation will be in japanese, depending on what country you are.. USA / UK / Japanese
I have no idea how 'Sono Pokémono doko de tsukamaeta no' translates to 'Where did you catch that Pokémon?'
I would have said 'Sono Pokemon doko tsukamaeta desu ka'
But Japanese people are probably right. Hm. ;-;
this was in bulbapedia, check source, never trust in Google translator xD
Oh no, I know Japanese.
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