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I was playing PMD and my 3DS crashed. I reopened PMD but it crashed again.
My mum took me into the car home, and we went to McDonald's to get some ice-cream.
When PMD stop crashing for me it said:
"The data file is corrupted.
The game will be erased."
Later, the loading finished. finished and ALL of my options were gone. The only one left was "New game".
I started the game again, wondering why it got corrupted.

I treat my game cards like treasure. How did this happen?

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It adds nothing to the question. Knowing you went to McDonald's doesn't change the actual answer, unless it's "you were an idiot and accidentally bit your card" or "You dropped ice cream on the card"
Double Cheeseburger, with extra game battery.
Semp, BEFORE I got my Ice cream, the game deleted itself. Get a thing called "Reading Lessons".
Dude no one cares about your ice cream adventures
Lmao terlor xD

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I had this happen once to my Platinum version. My game had unusually large amounts of game-freezing glitches/crashes (when it did, mostly when leaving PKMN Centers and booting up), and one day I started playing it, it froze three times trying to boot up, and the fourth time it erased everything. I won't ever know for sure why.

I also had this happen to my Diamond version after I lost it for 2-3 years and I found it and wanted to start playing it again. Except it died immediately. :/ I'm pretty sure this one was my fault though.

Funny thing, I bought a new EOT game and when I booted it up for the first time, there was quite apparently a file already there and it had been started. It had been corrupted when I started playing it the first time. Weird, eh?

Bottom line is, Sometimes they make faulty games that don't work as good as they wished.

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