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Hey guys. It's been a while.

Anyway, I recently got Gates to Infinity and I'm looking for a complete list of all detours that you can find. I would like the color of the door, and other impediments if necessary, such as ice or poison gas. I have three keys and I'm just looking for where to find the proper gates to use them.

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Here is a list of detours I found (not counting post-game):

Stony Cave 3F Red Key
Inflora Forest 8F Red Key + Grass Type Pokemon
Great Glacier 2F 10F Green Key + Fire Type Pokemon
Withered Savanna 5F 11F Electric Type Pokemon
Holehills 7F Fire Type Pokemon
Worldcore 5F 12F P2000(Money)
Mountain Pass 5F Poison Type or Steel Type Pokemon
Tempting Path 4F Ghost Type or Dark Type Pokemon
Eastern Savanna 4F Green Key
Freezing Pillar 3F Blue Key
Canyon Foot 5F Blue Key
Smoking Mountain 7F 14F 20F Red Key + Water Type Pokemon
Dreamy Island 6F 10F Green Key + Fire Type Pokemon
Rusty Mountain 5F 10F 15F P2000(Money) + Poison Type or Steel Type Pokemon
Jaws of Abyss 4F 18F 23F 27F Blue Key + Ghost Type or Steel Type Pokemon

Hope I helped!

There's bound to be a lot missing though
Quite apparently, you can't find those detours on Eastern Savanna and The Holehills on first visit. Went there once, haven't returned - yet.
FOUND ONE: Tyrian Maze B9F Black Key, no further impediments. can't wait to see what the boxes have!
Eastern Savanna 4F 11F Green Key