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Cut is weak but with Technician it has (I think) 75 Base power. That sounds like it would do decent damage,, so is it viable to use on Breloom?

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I'll answer it for you right here.
It's about as viable as using a paper bag in the place of a gun.
Lol Sempi
Breloom should only really have Cut for in game, not for competitive play.

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Breloom has much better things to use. Cut is quite simply, outclassed.
Mach Punch, Bullet Seed, Rock Tomb, Swords Dance, Substitute, Spore, Focus Punch and so on, are just some of the moves that are many times more effective than Cut.

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http://youtu.be/H07zYvkNYL8 <----Explains all.

Of course cut isn't viable anywhere out of In-game Breloom has better moves such as Bullet Seed,Rock Tomb,Mach Punch,Spore and more ,also might I add Cut isn't STAB.