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Megahorn would cover Grass types, Psychic types that are specially based, and Dark types for coverage. However, Avalanche would cover for Grass types, as well as Ground types, and Dragon types for coverage.
If I give it Megahorn, I could give it the Zoom lens, and always make it hit. That'd work for Rock Wrecker as well. But, if I give it Avalanche, I wouldn't need to worry about accuracy, and I could give Rhyperior a Focus Sash, to make it stand up to Water and Grass types, and then hit back with Thunder Punch or a Grass-type covering move. Avalanche would have the advantage in every case, but Megahorn doesn't rely on speed, even though the Zoom Lens does, and then Rock Wrecker wouldn't be accurate enough.
What should I do? Any suggestions? That'd be awesome!

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Megahorn would cover grass types not bug types.
i meant grass types, sorry.

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Go for Megahorn, Avalanche is ridiculous in my opinion (-4 Priority).

Megahorn has 120 BP and 0 Priority.
Avalanche has 60 BP if attack first and 120 BP if last to attack but has Priority -4 and thats bad.

If you want a Ice-Move go for Ice Punch.
Also worry more about Water-Types because they can do more problems.
Check this moveset -

Rhyperior @Life Orb
Adamant Nature
EV's - 252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Defense
- Stone Edge - Stab and high chance of Critical-Hit, don't go for Rock Wrecker..
- Earthquake - Stab.
- MegaHorn - Have great power, not to talk about the Rhyperior's Attack stats...
- Thunder Punch / Fire Punch - This is your choice, I'm using Thunder Punch. -> Thunder Punch covers from Water and can paralyze. (10% of paralyze). Fire Punch covers from Grass /Ice and Steel and can burn. (10% of burn).

Use this moveset for your Rhyperior, go for Megahorn because has more or the same Base Power as Avalanche while Avalanche has Priority -4 , meaning you would always go last to attack.

Hope this helps!

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this is a great idea.
if mega horn misses, i'm basically screwed. Also, rock wrecker should wreck everything if paired with 140 attack. I'd be able to switch out after that. I know I should go with thunderpunch, but avalanche's -4 priority doesn't matter with his low speed. What I want to know if pairing him with the focus sash is good. If he misses rock wrecker, that wouldn't be nice to it's pp, but not a problem, if megahorn misses, I'm screwed.
If you want Megahorn to hit, go for Wide Lens! But don't use Rock Wrecker.. you must recharge then and losing any Pokémon isn't a good idea. Here is another moveset that you may like!

Rhyperior @Wide Lens
Adamant Nature
EVs - 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
- Rock Polish - Use it when you sure he won't attack you, this inscreases your speed x2.
- Megahorn
- Earthquake
- T hunder Punch

179 Speed (31 IVs and 252 EVs) x2 (Rock Polish) = 358 Speed.
Max attack (31 IVs and 252 EVs + Adamant) = 416
Would this moveset be good:
[email protected] Lens
Adamant nature
-Stone Edge

Or should I use the Focus sash instead?
Yes, your moveset and mine are perfect..
I use Focus Sash when you are going to increase any stats, in that case speed x2.
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Rhyperior: Male

Rhyperior @ Zoom Lens
Ability: Solid Rock
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 HP
Brave Nature
- Drill Run
- Stone Edge
- Hammer Arm
- Megahorn

Make sure Rhyperior has as low a speed as possible (it has a terrible speed stat so don't expect to outspeed something normally) therefore giving all of its' moves a 20% increase in accuracy if you move last - which you should - meaning you give Rhyperior for powerful attacks with worse accuracy.
- Drill Run = 80 BP, 100% accuracy, STAB, a high-crit ratio (better than 20 extra power [preference]).
- Stone Edge = 100 BP, 96% accuracy, STAB.
- Hammer Arm =100 BP, 100% accuracy, lowers your speed (good in this instance).
- Mega Horn = 120 BP, 100% accuracy.
Put this guy on a Sun Team - as your physical tank - to reduce his/her weaknesses to a great extentdue to the combination of Solid Rock, Sun reducing the power of water and fire types being able to cover your weakness to grass attacks with 2x the power on their STAB fire moves.

Rhyperior: Female

Rhyperior @ Life Orb
Ability: Solid Rock
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge/Rock Slide
- Avalanche
- Thunder Punch

This is really just a standard moveset for Rhyperior with 2 powerful STAB moves, Thunder Punch to cover his/her water weakness and Avalance to cover his/her fire weakness. Avalance is close in power to Megahorn but only when you attack after the opponent which is why some people prefer Megahorn. Make sure to put this guy on a Sun Team as your physical tank for reasons already explained.

It is personal preference but I say MEGAHORN with the above moveset


Don't use Rock Wrecker

Rock Wrecker is best used: as a last resort to finish a battle, just before you die or combined with a Choice Band if you switch out afterwards otherwise you can hit twice with Stone Edge and deal more damage rather than hit once with Rock Wrecker and Recharge/Switch.

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