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$$$ money matters at the Day Care. Just curious.

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Well, theoretically, with enough Pokemon and enough time, you could spend infinite amounts at the day care.

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It would be 10,000 poke for the reasons they mentioned, but the day care takes 2 Pokemon! So it would be 20,000 poke!!!

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OMG, I totally forgot about that.
The maximum you can pay is 10,000 at a time though, because after you get one Pokémon back it then asks you whether you want the other one back, so technically the maximum amount of money that you can pay at one time is 10,000.
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>In the core series, leaving a Pokémon at the Day Care is techinically free, but withdrawing it will cost 100 Pokémon Dollars, plus an additional 100 Pokémon Dollars for each level the Pokémon has gained.

So if you deposited a Pokémon in the Day Care Center at Level 1 and you left it in there until it reached Level 100, it would cost you 10,000 Pokémon Dollars to withdraw it; 9900 Pokémon Dollars for the 99 Levels it has gained while being kept in the Day Care Center, and 100 Pokémon Dollars for the charge to simply withdraw it. If you had two Pokémon in the Day Care Center that you deposited at Level 1 and you left them in until they reached Level 100, you would have to pay 20,000 Pokémon Dollars to get both Pokémon back.

TL;DR: 10,000 Pokémon Dollars per Pokémon.


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Well every time a Pokemon levels up in the Day Care, you have to pay an extra $100. So if you put a level 1 Pokemon in the Day Care and leave it until it reaches level 100, you will probably have to pay $9,900 to get it back.

>The Day Care costs 100 pokecash as a base fee

Forgot about that. Some credit goes to Pimplup

However, if the 2 Pokemon above were to be taken out of the same time, the price would be doubled to 20,000

Hope I helped!

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Lets see, Its a $100 base fee +$100 per level, so if you were to leave a level 1 Pokemon there until it was level 100, the price would be $10,000.

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