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Balanced Hackmons

Shedinja @ Focus Sash
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 252 Speed
- Recycle
- Extreme Speed
- Endeavor
- Shift Gear/Agility

I know that Ghost-Types bla bla bla..
Is there any thing that can kill this? Moves /Abilities

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Is Magic Guard, not Wonder Guard, who edit? -.-''
I don't know who tha fk edit my question, now the answers are only about Wonder Guard. thanks a LOT!
Why was Talonflame with Gale Wings Extremespeed not mentioned lol
(please don't sue me, I don't really know how Balanced Hackmons goes)

And I think that literally every Ghost type has something to say about this
Deoxys @Focus Sash
Ability - Huge Power
EVs - 252 Attack / 252 Speed
- Shell Smash
- Extreme Speed

Try it out.
Well, what about Mold Breaker
Wanna Magikarp sweep?

Magikarp @Focus Sash
Ability - Huge Power
EVs - 252 Attack / 252 Speed ( Adamant)
- Shell Smash 1st
- Flail 2nd

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Gastro Acid, Mummy or Worry Seed

After that, any passive damage or attacking twice will kill it off. No other pure moves / abitlies can negate Shedninja (just attacking properly will save a lto of trouble).

An alternative to this Shedninja is the Sturdy Shedninja. It can be killed by any and all passive damage, but no pure attacking move can kill it, since Sturdy always leaves the Pokemon with 1 HP, and Shedninja only has one HP.

Skill Swap is another one that works :P

Multi hit moves do work against Sash, not sure against sturdy (still testing)

Main tests: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/customgame-157124425

I might do more later (vs Sturdy, Aftermath etc)

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I'm testing some stuff out right now btw
Gastro Acid takes off the Ability right?
Yup, it does ;P
When you answer to all, I will BA, if there is anyone who can help me more faster, he got the BA.
Thanks, for now +1
Okay, I don't have the replay this time >.>, butEverything wokrs more or less the same with Sturdy, except passive damage will kill as well, but less normal attacks will.

Aftermath won't hurt through Magic Guard, but will kill through Sturdy.

That's all, I believe.
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Yes actually. Anything with Rock Blast, Skill Swap or Mummy and ecause this is Hackmons anything can hav Mummy in case anyone starts wondering.

This is what poses a threat to your strategy:

Any Pokemon @ ???
Rock Blast


Anything with a base speed above 40 with some speed investment @ ???
-Any super-effective move
-Any priority super-effective move

Once Again

Any Pokemon with Mold Breaker @ ???
Any move that affects Ghost and Bug types.

Any Steel type with good defense @ Leftovers
This thing will resist an E-Speed and probably have a Rock-type move, so watch out for these kind of stuff.

That's all it needs to mess you up.
Other than that if you pull it off your guaranteed at least one kill.

How to survive

Baton Pass a Substitute onto this set and given the opponent doesn't have Mold Breaker or Rock Blast or both you can get 2-3 Pokemon down comfortably.

Another way to survive

Put some Defense EV's on him so he can survive the substitute, get a few Swords Dances up and ultimately sweep.
In the end it should look somewhat like this:
Shedinja @ Safety Goggles (only if you have a sub passer) / Focus Sash
252 Atk/252 Spd OR 128 Def/ 128 Sp. Def/ 128 Atk/ 128 Spd (I recommend anything with good bulk and has access to Cosic Power or Stockpile and Speed Boost for Baton Passing)
-Swords Dance
-Shadow Sneak
-Extreme Speed

That's how to fix your strategy.

It may not end up perfect or take time but given you have the time and correct Pokemon to Baton Pass you can easily pull it off and as mentioned you can ultimately end up sweeping.

Hope I helped!

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Multiple Moves? Ok That's 1, I think there any many more, like abilities or another moves.
There was 1 move that can make your Ability off, but im not remebering the name..
skill link or something?
Mold Breaker only makes Attacks go through, it doesn't do anything to Magic Guard, just attack normally, you don't even need it if you're not against Sturdy.

He's not asking for the most effective way, and while it would be best to include itm he wanted to know all the ways. Which you didn't' do :/
I'm pointing out the flaws and how he can fix them.
there are more several things tha can kill him.
I'm just pointing out a few that pose a major threat and how to fix it.
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Embargo could be used to render the Focus sash useless, then it could be taken out by a weakness move. Mummy could also be spread to it to render wonder guard useless. Hope I helped.

Its magic guard.
Yeah Mummy works to!
I don't know if Magic Guard eliminates the Embargo..
No it doesn't, Magic Bounce does though
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Man, so many great answers... It's too bad they were based off Wonder Guard, not Magic Guard.

Here's a list of some strategies I came up with that counter your Magic Guard Shedinja.

  • Multi-hit moves - Obviously, any move that Shedinja isn't immune to and that hits multiple times will break that sash and KO it.
  • Priority - This works best with Aerialate/Refridgerate/Pixilate. Fake Out and Extreme Speed work nicely.
  • Encore - Works best with a low speed Pokemon. Then you can kill it.
  • Changing Shedinja's ability - Entrainment, Skill Swap, Worry Seed, Gastro Acid, etc. will all get rid of that Magic Guard.

It's hard to come up with counters for this set, but hopefully what I have so far will be able to help you. If anyone else has other ideas on how this Shedinja can be countered, just comment them.

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